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PUBG MOBILE World No.1 gamer ATHENA GAMING participated in the development process with premium gaming earphones OC-G9 MK2.


It is a gaming earphone used by Korean national team professional gamers who are doing well in the world competition as well as YouTube creators with more than 2 million subscribers.


High-performance premium gaming earphones that utilize titanium-coded high-performance driver units and ETL V 3.0 hardware to be HDSS certified and HI-RES certified.


we are happy to introduce the earphones used by world-class gamers to You.



Type – In-ear

Connection Method – 3.5mm TRRS PLUG

Type – Wired

Length – 120 cm

Weight  – 20 g

Driver Unit – 9.2mm Titanium Coating Driver

Earphone sensitivity - 97dB±3dB 0.01m@ 1kH/1mW

Speaker impedance – 160±15%B@ 1 kHz 2.0V

Maximum Input/Output - 5mW

Frequency Range - 5HZ-70HZ±3dB

Audio Plug - 4-pole TRRS 3.5 mm 18kg gold-plated





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51.00 USD
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