I think the sound should be as diverse as the number of spaces we stepped on.


It was probably in the first year of middle school. My friend lent me the Sony MDR-E868. The music was Thea, the classroom of Seo Tai-ji and the children, and the power of the bass sound that I had never heard of was shocking. It wasn't the first music I heard. It was so familiar music that I've heard hundreds of times, but it came as a shock to me. That's when I first learned that just sound can bring out a person's feelings different from before.


Everyone is old now. Is it a coincidence? The three friends, who have liked the latest earphones and headphones since middle school, have the ability to make earphones with our brand together. One became a marketer, one became an instrument designer, and the other became a sound engineer who introduced his earphones to the largest number of people in Korea. The moment we first realized that, the three of us began to dream a small dream. Let's make earphones that contain our sounds.


There have been many trials and errors. I also found that there are so many differences between developing and creating products. I put everything down and started to meet people humbly. I listened to it and listened to it again. And at some point, I realized it. The fact that a sound that can impress many people should be something that reflects more people's experiences and opinions. It was only then that this rock could start. We listen to your opinions. And I will express that experience with sound.

Sound, and music are with us everywhere.

EAROCK is not a merchant who only sells it. It is open to all projects that can be happy with sound. Whatever way it is, please contact us if you think we need it.